I have 4 BIG dogs, but one is very old and will probably pass any day now :( I've been wanting to get a hedgehog so bad, I've researched a ton into owning one and how to care for one, and I think I've convince my mom. Problem is, my dogs are absolutely insane (Of course I still love them, they just have...

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  1. daniel g

    Well, if you should get a hedgehog, you will have to keep it completely separated from your other pets.
    Hedgies don't see all that well and rely on smell and sound. After handling your cat, you would have to even wash your hands or your hedgie will avoid you like the plague.
    Any cat is a potential predator for hedgehogs, It may not be life or death here, but just the presence of a cat can be stressful for hedgehogs, and being the scare easy animal they are, may make trust or bonding difficult. All it would take is one time for the cat to get into the room and try getting to the hedgehog to permanently traumatize it, they don't forget bad encounters easy,I would question the dogs as well.

  2. John

    I was thinking you could just keep the hedgehog in a separate room until I noticed you mentioned it in your detail section. Maybe if you kept the hedgehog in a separate room with the door closed and have it hidden away if any of the other pets broke into the room? I was thinking maybe keeping the cage covered, but that just might scare the poor thing. If you don't think the hedgehog will be safe in your house, don't buy one right now. Or keep it at a friend's house that you can habitually visit until it is safe at your house.

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