So you may know me from my questions asking about why i couldnt ***. Well today i think i did. I made my own fleshlight and put on some pr0n and went to work and after 7 minutes, i got an intense feeling and i moaned aloud and it felt like i peed and when i checked there wasnt pee but clear whitish sticky stuff. It...

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  1. Zac

    Woot! there ya go, you're now officially 'one of the boys'. Congrats. Yes, it's normal to experience that level of intensity. It can be fun, exciting WOWSER, confusing, and uncertain, all at the same time. Anything new and intimate is like that. However, now you're bitten by the puberty bug, and it's like an addiction you can never get enough of, especially during or coming up to full moon. About the only 'down' side to it all, is that you'll have a mess to clean afterwards, which means shooting into tissues, the shower/toilet - or if your fleshlight, then cleaning it out thoroughly.

  2. Anonymous

    Good 4 you!
    Go 2 bed!

  3. Garrett

    Normal and congratulations. You climaxed (that great intense feeling is the male climax) and ejaculated. Welcome to the man club dude. Some guys can ejaculate at 11 even so normal age to be doing it.

  4. Kevin

    Well done, now you're one of us.

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