How to add a printer to my computer?

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  1. Vincent

    Be more specific...
    Here is what I can say from what I know:
    If your printer doesn't have bluetooth get a cable and connect it
    With windows (and wireless printer) you go to the press print on whatever and then connect printer. That ought to add it to the bluetooth library.
    On mac Im not sure but it should be the same
    It also helps for the printer to be on the same WiFi as you
    With bluetooth you choose the add bluetooth device setting on both the computer and the printer. After that it should tell you

    If your computer is an antique (like 3 years old) then use usb, cable or SD. Any printer should have one or more

  2. Richard J

    Connect the printer and see if it will load automatically, and if not
    Insert the software CD

    If the download does not start after putting in the software CD, do the following

    Go to the manufacturer’s website and download the software. Just select your operating system and download the drivers and save them to your desktop

    Turn the printer on

    DO NOT connect the USB cable to the computer until prompted by the software installation screen.

    Open up the download, and select run

    Now, just follow the screen prompts to finish

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