It's only $650 iPhone
I currently have a 2 year old Nokia Lumia 530
Everyone in high school makes fun of my ' brick ' phone
I really want one
Why won't they let me

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  1. spacemissing

    My first guess is that you are annoying them about it too much.
    And don't Ever say that something as small and delicate as a cell phone is "only" $650.
    A paper-thin porcelain teacup isn't "only" $650 at an antique shop, either.

    That's a LOT of money.
    I've been living with my first and only cell phone for over 8 years.
    It works as it should, and it apparently has the potential
    to work for several more years.
    Whatever anyone else thinks of it, it still serves my needs.
    Why should I replace it?

  2. Jon

    Earn your own damned money. It's "only" $650 after all - wash some cars, mow some lawns etc.

  3. « ????

    well maybe because youre parents have money issues and cant afford it, you need to think about them too. so what if you have an old phone at least you can still use it and it doesnt look that bad, maybe you can get a side job to earn the money to get it yourself

  4. Felony Jayne

    Buy it for yourself. The Apple store isn't going to turn you away, so nothing is stopping you

  5. ScσττRΛSC³

    Question better suited to them...

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