Me and my fiancee are strongly considering moving from Los Angeles to either Houston or Austin Texas. We are in our early twenties and are moving for a better quality of life. I am a recent graduate and an engineer, buying a home is our main goal. We would like to know the pros and cons of living in these cities to...

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  1. A Hunch

    Have you been to Texas?
    As a Southern California who has traveled often.

    Austin is alright but I just think I would get bored. I have college friends who live there.
    San Antonio I was completely disappointed with.
    Houston is just a big midwestern city.

    Once someone from California moves away, it's difficult to move back. I'd visit before deciding this is where you want to go.

  2. Mrsjvb

    Houston floods a lot. Never been to Austin.

    Loved San Antonio. Lots of new builds going up in SA. But if you can't get a job there, it's a moot point.

  3. Sandy

    Texas has been virtually untouched by the economic slump in the rest of the country. they have no sales tax. It's a great state to move to. they do have immigration issues though.

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