Looking to buy a camera between $200-$400. Doesn't have to be top of the line, but would like to take decent landscape photos. I had my sights set on a Nikon D3200 on amazon. Suggestions please, thanks!

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  1. keerok

    All dSLRs are good. They are all difficult to use for the first timer. You can shoot anything with any dSLR. Your budget can only get you the cheapest ones though if you go for brand new.

    The D3200 is an old model but if you find one new, go for it. What I like about this camera is the control layout which makes most everything you need under your fingers unlike the other cheaper models which force you to dig into the menu. The main disadvantage of this camera is the lack of an autofocus motor so if you decide to get more lenses and you only want them to autofocus with the camera, you will be limited to buying more expensive lenses that have an internal focus motor. What I recommend is the Pentax KS-1 but most people are put off by its styling. What I can attest however is its toughness and longevity.

  2. sats

    Nikon is a very good camera, I also like Minolta but you may not find one for that price.

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