My employee got legally married only for immigration purpose and later separated through court. Her passport contains husband's name. Then she got married again and has 2 kids and the new marriage certificate has status as single on second marriage certificate. Now she want to renew passport and change...

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  1. vijay m Indian Lawye

    Let the lady first get the name of first husband deleted from the passport by submitting the copy of court decree of divorce to the passport authorities along with the required application and fee for this process.
    Next get the name of new husband added in the passport by making another application and attaching copy of the marriage certificate and necessary fee for the second process.
    No one will see the status in the marriage certificate of the person in the marriage certificate as what is important that marriage was legally solemnised between two person eligible for the same that was confirmed by the marriage Registrar while registering the marriage.

  2. Mike

    sorry, nobody is single on a marriage certificate

  3. Pascal the Gambler

    OK, so she should do that. If she was only separated and not divorced, she isn't legally married to the second guy anyway.

  4. Pick This

    According to your details, she got married twice without ever divorcing the first husband. She has therefore committed bigamy, which is illegal.

    But...what is your question?

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