Hello! I recently got a speeding ticket for going 50 mph on a 35 school zone and I'm scheduled to go to court in a couple months (I live in GA). I was polite to the officer that pulled me over and he asked why I was speeding, and I told him that I was running late for a class cause I'm a college student...

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  1. Bruce

    Laser measures speed and distance. You were 384 feet away from him when he clocked you, that is what that means. Laser is also accurate to within less than one mile per hour. You have no chance to fight it.

    What you need to do is lessen the damage. Call the court clerk and ask if they offer traffic school or community service to keep it off your record. Or, hire an attorney.

  2. laughter_every_day

    The options are local. not statewide. In my town, you plead not guilty and set a trial. The court also sets a time to come in to talk to the prosecutor. The prosecutor will often offer a non-moving moving violation with the standard fine. I have no idea of what option are available in your local court.

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