If Christianity is a nonprofit organization, does that mean Atheism is a nonprophet organization?

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  1. Anonymous

    If Christianity is a nonprofit org. is Atheism also a nonprofit org?

    Hi Henry

    That's not really true. Religions are non profit orgs. because the tend to have permanent meeting places, and receive money they share with underprivileged people and maintaining and building as needed in a tax free govt. approved format.

    Atheism doesn't use permanent meeting places very much (very seldom), or receive money with govt.' tax free' approval.

    Instead of Atheism being an organization, it is more appropriate to think of them rather as 'a cluster'.

    May this help you to understand that Atheism isn't exactly the same as a non-profit organization. Atheism would probably be better thought of as an 'unprofitable' non~prophet cluster.

    You have a great day

  2. cymry3jones

    Sadly many off shoots of Christianity are no longer non-profit organisations. Playing on words doesn't really cut it for me. Obviously atheism is a non-prophet organisation.

  3. military supporter

    Nice play on words. The only issue is atheism is NOT an organization.

  4. nobudE

    A. That's hilarious
    B. Ask Joel osgood or creflo dollar how non profit it is.

  5. Ricardo

    I wish.

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