I don't mean to sound ridiculous, but my only cis woman friend used to be quite normal and she was definitely not a lesbian when I first knew her. (You can just tell when people are closeted, and trust me... she was straight)... ... now she's a total SJW after having used Tumblr for about 3 or 4 years. I...

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  1. Fritz

    Yes. Donald Trump has been looking at Tumblr recently and he just announced on Fuxx Noose Nutwork's noon news that he has become a lesbian.

  2. Anonymous

    No. It makes gullible people believe that they're gay / bisexual / transgender / whatever. They really aren't. It's just some stupid phase that a lot of naive kids are going through at the minute.

  3. me

    Being SJW and being gay are not the same. Btw, society can make you change your fetishes

  4. Nitro

    People can be pressured to conform by their cliques.

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