Help! I am interviewing a teacher at my school who came from China to teach here. What questions can I ask her? She is also new?

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  1. Orla C

    What are her first impressions of your country?
    What things about your country does she find very strange, or different, and why?
    When she returns to China, what does she think she will bring with her in terms of ideas and methods?

    My suggestion is to avoid subjects like politics, as that can put people on the defensive. Instead focus on questions that have to do with schools, teaching, how people learn, languages, socialising, sports, discipline, music.

  2. Kelly

    1) what made her decide to teach from China?
    2) does she like the country?
    3) did she take English classes(to speak English)
    4) why did she go into teaching?
    5) what is her favorite thing about living there?

  3. Elaine

    I am assuming that you are a student because an adult on the hiring committee would know what questions to ask.
    Ask open ended questions such as, " How are students taught in China?"

  4. sary

    does she know english ?
    what beliefs does she reject ?
    is she open minded ?
    is she experiencing culture shock ?
    does she have kids ?
    why do you want to work with us ?
    would you enroll your kids in our school if you have the chance to ?
    are political views important to you ?
    what is your best teaching method ?
    do you like this country ?
    why did you move all the way from china ?
    thats all i can think of :P good luckk !!

  5. Mountain!!

    The same questions you ask every prospective teacher.

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