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So I recently just bought a Zoom H1 recorder and a Rode video mic pro on its way. Are there any special cables I need to connect them to my DSLR?

I bought my Zoom H1 on eBay and it doesn't come with the 3.5mm cable so is there any other cable I could connect with?

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  1. retiredPhil

    The Zoom H1 Handy Recorder is a standalone device. You would record the audio with it while you are shooting the video and then sync them in post production.

    The Rode VideoMic will connect to your DSLR and provide a second source of audio.

  2. keerok

    The mic will come with a cable. If the plug is different, have it replaced at the hardware with the right one. Don't use adapters.

    Connect the mic to the H1 then use that to record audio. Use the dSLR to shoot video. Use the computer to replace the audio from the dSLR's video with the one from the H1.

  3. L

    "Special cables"? Not really. You did not tell us which dSLR... many don't have any audio input. Without the audio input, there is no cable that will do what you want. If there is an audio input on your dSLR, that will be a 3.5mm stereo audio connection so you will need a cable that has stereo 3.5mm male connectors on both sides to connect the field recorder to the dSLR's audio input.

    But Crim Liar is right - no need to daisy chain.

  4. Daniel K

    You CAN connect the Zoom directly to the camera - see this link and scroll down:

    But if you do that you really do not need the Rode mic. If your camera has a mic jack connect the Rode directly to it. At that point you really do not need the Zoom. One or the other.

  5. Bernd

    It is called Double System sound. Google it.

    Camera and recorder work on their own. Use a clapper sync slate at the head or tail of each shot. Then sync picture and sound in the computer. Or use Plural Eyes software to sync them.

    There are many videos on youtube that tell you how to do this.

  6. spacemissing

    The Zoom recorder would not ever be connected to the camera.

    Instead, it would be used to independently record the sound,
    then you would synchronize the audio and video in "post production"
    using video editing software.
    At least, that's something like how the real professionals filming blockbuster movies
    have done it for decades...

  7. Crim Liar

    Nope if you want to daisy chain it then you need that 3.5mm stereo cable. Had you considered a noise cancelling mount for the H1 rather than getting the external mic?

  8. Grumpy Mac

    3.5 mm cables are cheap and easy to come by. Your bigger problem is how are you going to mount the camera, the shotgun microphone & the recorder in 1 unit? Once you figure this out - you buy a SHIELDED 3.5 mm stereo cable to reach from the recorder to the shotgun microphone.

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