How has domestication benefited animals and humans?

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  1. Jonathan

    Domestication has not benefited humans. And there are possibly hundreds of millions of animals who have not benefited from it either.

    Humans Developed a fondness for certain breeds which eventually turned into somewhat of an obsession.

    As a result there are any number of stray dogs on the streets (especially in third world countries) who´s survival instincts have been reduced to living off of rubish bins.

    Dogs have become completely dependent on human beings (cats can at least still hunt in most cases although some seem to be growing weak in this sense too). Even when dogs live off of rubbish bins they are in a sense indirectly depending on humans to put the rubbish there.

    People´s infatuation with animals is absurd and unreasonable to me. I think any number of animals (dogs especially) are extremely cute and adorable, but not because of this would I bring them into my house and provide food and shelter for them until they die. I consider that to be an obsession.

    It is difficult to imagine all of the sophisticated breeds of pedigree dogs that we have these days having once been in the wilderness.

  2. Anonymous

    People have used animals to perform physical labor, provide food and other useful things, create farms, etc. Animals have been killed or domesticated, so it is difficult to argue benefits there.

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