It all started yesterday, when I came to school and smelt my lunch bag it smelt like a dead animal but when I opened it it was fine and not mouldy so I put it in my locker like I normally would until lunch so then when I took out my lunch bag and not only my lunch bag smelt rotten, my WHOLE locker smelt rotten to...

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  1. Snickers

    Remove EVERYTHING from your locker and take it all home. Clean everything at home the best you can. As for your locker you can try scrubbing it soap and water - dry well. If that doesn't take care of the smell put in a small box of baking soda (don't forget to open it!) and/or activated charcoal. Let it stay in your empty locker for a few days until the smell is gone. As for the things from your locker you can, over the weekend, put them in a plastic bag with a box of baking soda (not baking powder) and/or activated charcoal. Close the bag tightly and don't open until you have to go back to school. If the odor is still there try some Febreeze.
    If the smell returns try to find out if you're being pranked with deer urine or some other stinky substance.

  2. Elvis

    Get some white vinegar. pour it into a bowl, and let it sit in your locker for a week or so. do not cover it

  3. Elaine M

    Febreeze will fix that. Bring a small spritz bottle to school and sprits your locker.

  4. heart o' gol

    I suspect something is dead in or around the lockers.

  5. fioralfromww

    get perfume and spray it like 5 times lmao

  6. Groovy_Unicorn

    Tell the office, I bet a mouse crawled behind and died.

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