@sheloves_dablues----I have been to a large number of funerals but never for someone I've only met once.

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  1. susan
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    Be mostly quiet. Stay off your phone. If you encounter the parents, siblings, spouse, or children of the deceased, say "I'm sorry for your loss." If your one time to meet the deceased has a good story that makes him look good, you can offer it during some gap in a conversation. But I wouldn't advise you to address the whole crowd or anything.

  2. Matthew

    People go up to speak at their own free will, if someone wants to say anything, then they'll go up. You act anyone would at a funeral, be quiet and respectful, nothing else.

  3. LL&P

    Act like you do at any other funeral. Be polite and express your condolences to the close family members

  4. sheloves_dablues

    You act respectfully. Have you never attended a funeral?

  5. Resist Wedding Indus

    So you are going to this funeral to show respect for those mourning the departed. You don't have to say anything about the departed; just tell the bereaved that they have you sympathy. What matters is that you show up, not that you were close to the deceased.

  6. Mean Jelly Bean

    Why are you even going to this funeral? Nobody will miss you if you sat this one out.

  7. Anonymous

    No one will expect you to break down in hysterics or to entertain anyone with jokes. Be somber and polite. Likely there will be many people present and you can blend in.

  8. Nobody

    no need to say anything, just attend, then give condolences if you wish, and leave

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