Wat does PT mean in a Biblical reference?

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  1. Rainbow Dash

    Physical Training, or if it's PAT's, as we police put it, it means Physical Agility Test.

    What PT means in a Biblical reference is Peter, I believe

  2. WwwdotBibleSelectord

    Hmmm...not sure.
    If it's preceded by a number then it is a reference to one of the epistles of Peter
    1Pt - 1 Peter
    2Pt - 2 Peter

    I can't think of anything else Bible-related that might have those initials.

  3. Faithless

    Placating Tards.

  4. GodsLOL

    It's a reference to P.T. Barnum's statement about a sucker being born every minute.

  5. Michael Vicks Dog

    Momma and Pappa were laying in bed, Momma rolled over, this is what she said
    "Give me some"
    "good for you"
    "good for me."

    MMM good
    Damn good

    Up in the morning with the rising sun, gonna run all day till the running's done.

  6. Anonymous

    The full code is PTWBFT

    Panzified trannies will burn for this

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