What happenes ro my vote if i dont vote.?

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  1. Claire-Faye

    Your identification just isn't scanned to count on the ballot.
    These answers are stupid like "nothing happens to a vote that doesn't exist" and so on. I know what you mean.

    Some people actually aren't voting, but your vote always counts so whoever you assume is better you might as well give one to lean on the balance scale because SOMEONE has to get elected and it won't be that liberal Johnson.

  2. aaliyah

    If you don't vote, than any vote that you would have had just won't be counted in.

  3. Finlay

    How does something happen to your vote if you didnt vote

  4. ben

    you dont vote, so no vote is recorded

  5. Summertime

    Then there is no vote.

  6. Integration 20

    Your vote just vanishes into the abyss.

  7. Jeffrey

    It increases the chances of your least favorite candidate being elected.

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