Did Liberals just vanish from Y/A or is there another reason they don't seem to be interested in this question?

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  1. Taylor

    Take out politics ( securing future votes ) and there is no 'pro' to illegal immigration.

    Massive cost to our healthcare, education and criminal justice systems
    Higher auto insurance costs ( uninsured motorist coverage)
    Higher crime
    Higher Drunk Driving Stats

    For every $1 they pay in SS taxes, they use $13 in Government services
    And, the send back to their home countries $25 Billion a year

  2. Philip H

    Pro: Lots of cheap labor holding down wages, loved by the Liberal Business School graduates that abuse their Power to make excessive profits.
    And lots of votes for Liberal Demon-rats.
    Cons: Low wages and illegitimate elections laced with huge wasting of assets to subsidize Law breakers and encouragement to foment more disrespect for Laws.
    That is just a Start of what is Wrong with having a POTUS that refuses to accomplish his Sworn Duty.

  3. Jeffrey

    One con is that when the government fails to enforce some laws it destroys respect for all laws. Another is that it places significant tax burdens on the citizens who pay the taxes that support them. Another is that they remit back to their families in Mexico something like $25 Billion/year - money that is removed from the US economy.

  4. fire_sine

    Pros: Cheap labor, votes for Democrats

    Cons: How long do you have?

  5. serenely, soMEone

    No pros for the U.S. Citizenry.

    If there are any and they benefit Americans generally, we'd be providing for more temp visas.

    We're not. So...

  6. Kyle T

    i dont see any pros

    I pay for their education, healthcare, etc. with the taxes that the US government steals out of my paycheck

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