I never really ate breakfast early because it makes my stomach hurt so I eat it later. But recently I haven't even been hungry. I don't eat breakfast, I have i little snack for lunch (not a lot at all), and I barely have anything for supper. If it makes any difference I am a 14 year old girl (just started...

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    Hunger tends to vary for several reasons, one of them being hormonal fluctuations, another the amount of energy you've expended. Also, if you're not feeling well, or you're depressed, this often suppresses your appetite could be your Thyroid is acting up or you aren't burning off enough energy to feel hungry it's important to eat regularly even if you don't feel hungry Your body needs lots of nutrients try to Start drinking smoothies to get the vitamins and nutrients your needs start being a bit more active see if burning off engery gives you your appetite back .

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    You eat well.

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