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context: I am a tenant "at will." I've been having trouble with a tenant who has repeatedly had groups of people gather right outside my window in the middle of the night, being very loud. I called my landlord a couple weeks ago and complained and was told that the tenant would be spoken to....

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  1. curtisports2

    You can't be arrested for taking pictures of anything happening outdoors. Nothing illegal about it.

    If your landlord felt that you were becoming a nuisance, he wouldn't have to evict you. Since you are a month-to-month tenant - what you call 'at will' - he only needs to give you the state -required advance notice to vacate. But he doesn't need any reason to terminate your tenancy, so the picture-taking is a complete non-issue.

  2. tro

    I am sure your city has noise abatement laws and if there are large crowds late at nite call the police, it is against the law, the landlord has no control

  3. linkus86

    If there is a clause in your lease that prevents you from taking pictures on the property, you can be evicted for it. But you aren't going to find such a clause, thus you are safe. And assuming these people were outside (in the public domain) you also didn't break any possible laws regarding recording them.

  4. DEBS

    For taking a picture? No.

  5. glenn

    A hotel near the major league ballpark here has a sign forbidding taking photos on their property. I suppose your apartment could have a strict rule about that- but I bet they don't. In a public part of the property where people are free to walk around and gather- I bet the owner does not have a problem with what you did.

  6. Anonymous

    I would take a video next time, so the police can hear the noise when you report them. You can't be evicted because of this. The police will tell them they're making excessive noise late at night. I had to report my next door neighbors to the police partying all night long in their backyard. The police came out and told them to stop.

  7. Maxi

    Phone the police and report noise disturbance if they are loud and late a night

  8. babyboomer1001

    The landlord would have no reason to do so. Why don't you tell him that you suspect illegal activity? It smells of drug sales to me - the middle of the night. If it happens again, call the police AND notify the landlord. Listen in nextime too so that you can tell the police and the landlord what they were talking about. If they are doing illegal stuff, then they surely will be evicted. You have a right to complain and a right to photograph them as proof of who it was and what time they were there.

  9. Flatulent Tea Bag Fa

    You took a picture of a public place, there is no law against that.

  10. Dan B

    No. You can only be evicted for lease violations. It seems to me that the gathering is in violation of city code - excessive noise after a certain time of night. You can call the police and report that there are people outside your window and you are concerned about their intentions.

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