I have this question as a school project and I'm out of inspiration. Help! Its a 200 word paper.

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  1. Scarlet

    If I were a super villain and wanted to take over the world I would first take control over something practical that literally everyone uses like toilet paper or something. I would work my way up to become a monopoly so the only toilet paper you could use would be mines and in order obtain it you would have to do my bidding or pay a bunch of money. ..................Yeah I would be an awful super villain lol

  2. Meep Meep

    I don't know exactly how but some ideas I can give you that fit into today's world are:

    - hypnotizing people when they take a selffie
    - something starting with the Kartrashians and their fans
    - get them through an app

    Good luck

  3. Caliban

    1. Stop or destroy all forms of communication: people & nations can't unite if there is no communication.
    2. Eliminate national leadership: unity tends to dissolve without effective leadership.
    3. Create multiple & wide-ranging natural disasters (hurricanes, floods, volcanoes, earthquakes) to sow confusion among the nations and the people.
    4. Form alliances with some groups and play them off against each other to cause mutual destruction.
    5. Make examples of people from all levels of life; resist and die horrendously.

  4. Gohar

    I would...unite all countries together and kill all the presidents so I would become leader of the entire world. Dw 200 words isn't even that much. It's like 2 paragraphs.

  5. Apollenaire

    I'd pretend I was Donald Trump.

  6. mattnguyentheartist

    Get the world to destroy itself maybe?

  7. Logan

    if you ever seen speed grapher if so that well minus the power stuff

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