My poodle+schnoodle 6months dog has had dirty ears since I took her home. When I bring her for vaccinations the doctor checked her up and said she has dirty ears but its normal. Its kinda reddish brown, but mostly brown ear wax. She has sooo much ear wax that I clean her ears 2days once. Her ears are not red, its...

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  1. E. H. Amos

    The ear wax production is WAY OVER the top, and abnormal. It indicates a problem as does the body wriggling. She likely has a yeast ear infection due to food allergies. If the dog is on a grain based diet, I would suggest getting off ALL grain. There are some grain-free puppy foods, if your puppy is still eating puppy food. (Some people switch or begin to switch over, to adult at 6 months).

    "Cleaning" the ear will not cure a yeast infection. You will need an RX like Zymox drops & a change in diet to get rid of the root cause.

  2. Lizzie

    You need to buy a good ear cleaner and use it until the ears are clean, then use it once a week or so after that to keep them clean. Groomers can't see deep into the ear. Vets can, with their otoscopes. I'm surprised that the vet didn't sell you a good ear cleaner. You couild call and ask what the vet would recommend and then buy it at or an online pet supply place.

  3. heart o' gol

    There are ear cleaners you can get, sounds like your dogs ears need a little more maintenance than most...

  4. Denarius

    Try putting his wax into your mouth to find out how it tastes

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