I am 15 years old. My mum is VERY strict and is worried about my health. I have never been a fussy eater and I am a normal size I eat a lot and I go to the gym frequently. I really want to be Vegan but I am scared that she will think I am being silly and she will worry about protein even though I know I will get...

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  1. Edna

    Okay .. you're 15 years old, and you have decided (after MUCH research) that you want to be a vegan. Fine! But, being a vegan would also mean that your mother would have to prepare a special vegan meal just for you alone. Are you, at 15, prepared to take that burden off your mother's shoulders and prepare ALL your own meals, EVERY day? That's what it would take, if you expect to eat a vegan diet.

    Become a vegan AFTER you move out of your mother's house. Then you can prepare your own meals yourself and live whatever kind of lifestyle you wish - but don't expect your mother to have to go to the extra work that would be involved in supporting your current "fad" diet before that happens. You will probably forget all about wanting to be a vegan before you are 18 anyway.

  2. Louis

    Good for you!

    I think the best bet is to take your time, be patient and think long term.

    Do your research. Then maybe once a day, or maybe just once a week drop a "factoid" when everyone is together.

    Try to drop these factoids in front of the whole family but be careful. If you over do it they will stop listening, so meter them out slowly. Use the factoid that most closely addresses their main concern..

    Next time a parent needs a birthday present or something, get them copy of a vegan cookbook. Or get them a copy of "Fast Food Nation" (it’s a fascinating read).

    See what DVDs are at the library (or Netflix) and try to get the family to watch things like "Forks over Knives" or " Food, Inc.”, or “Cowspiracy”.

    Order some free vegetarian and vegan starter kits (you can find them online) and leave the pamphlets in the bathroom as reading material. :)

    Volunteer to help out with the cooking and shopping. It will be good practice for you when you go off to college. Check out a vegan cookbook from the library or find a recipe online that people might like. Volunteer to cook it. You should also help your mom with the shopping list and maybe even the shopping. And when you help your mom with the shopping you can help her choose ingredients for more vegan meals.

    In the meantime, just eat the non-meat things in the house. Make sure to get all your nutrients no matter what.

    You don't have to go vegan all at once. or even completely. Just keep on educating yourself and informing your mom.

  3. Them

    Turns out - calorie for calorie - there's more protein in broccoli than there is in steak. There's really no reason to not be a Vegan or Vegetarian. It's just that elaborate medical myths abound - like you're going to STARVE TO DEATH if you aren't gobbling up dead animals.

    If you want a neat book on this - it's nearly vegetarian. It tells you how nutritious greens and beans are. It's considerable! Get a copy of Dr. Fuhrman's "Eat To Live" off Amazon. This is a very low-fat diet - you could add a little more fat to it. But one big point he tries to make in the book is how ridiculously nutritious good foods are - like green vegetables. Cook up a pot of beans - which go with everything - and you have your "meat".

    This sort of diet is SO MUCH BETTER than the general junk food diet that many Americans are used to - filled with bread, pasta, cereal, corn chips, fruit juices, sugar, sugar, sugar.

  4. Groovy_Unicorn

    You convinced her, by lying, that you were lactose intolerant and she never took you to a doctor to confirm? I guess start lying and saying you have a meat allergy if she's that dumb. If she finds out you lied about the milk though, you won't convince her of anything because it was immature and dishonest.

  5. Anonymous

    By showing her you are mature enough to make sure you are getting the right nutrition. And that means the following: By not making extra expense and work for her to cater to your diet. That means you eat what is already vegan that she has on hand and don't be demanding special items unless it can't be helped, like eating beans even though you don't like them instead of asking for fake meat products.

    By not lying to her about being lactose intolerant. You said you've convinced her that you were. That tells me you told a lie to get your way because you think she will say no. Oh, and don't be dropping fake-toids (sorry I mean factoids) about false propaganda you've heard about meat, dairy and eggs. If you were my kid, I'd be even more stubborn about not letting you if you did that.

  6. Tim

    If you go to the gym it's extremely unhealthy to be vegan you won't get enough protein what's the point of being vegan anyways? We are human it's not natural to be vegan if we weren't meant to eat meat we wouldn't have canine teeth or acidic spit the way wolves kill their pray is worse then any slaughter house

  7. Nana Lamb

    lying about being lactos intolerant is NOT a good start!!

    get some books on vegan diets from the library and discuss them with her.

  8. joe714

    nutrition facts dot org site or their youtube channel probably has the factual answers about everything that your mother would nutritionally be concerned about.
    So if you can convince your mother to watch or read about what she is concerned about then Dr. Greger most likely has an answer which he got from reading countless research papers over the years.

  9. Star_of_Darkness

    You dont

    You need meat or you wont grow or develop and you will be sickly and thin and wont live long. You have to have meat.

  10. Ann

    you might want to go vegetarian first, until you get the hang of it and see how it affects you, then you would still have eggs, cheese,

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