I have personalities -> color synesthia and aparently it can mean I'm seeing auras. Whenever I meet people they have specific colors that go with their personalities and the colors mean specific things in my head. I end up knowing a bunch of stuff about people I just met because their colors match specific...

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  1. Essence Lovetrip

    Auras are imaginary, or at least a visual illusion.

    If J is your friend you already know a whole lot of stuff about him, you don't to imagine that there is a light shining out of his head in order to tell him what his personality is like.

  2. j

    You may be. Helpful for understanding: "Studies of the Human Aura," by Kuthumi, "Watch Your Dreams" by Ann Ree Colton (has color interpretation section), "Looking into the Invisible," and "Edgar Cayce on Auras and Colors."

  3. Anonymous

    It sounds like it is.

  4. Anonymous

    most likely not, kid

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