This is so stupid.

Russia was first in space. Sputnik in '57.

Then First man, First woman, even first dog.

Can you explain to me why do the stupid gringo think he won everything when the only thing he was first was to go to send a man to the moon, even Russia was first in sending a machine to the moon.

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  1. ?

    We ran them into the ground and won in the long haul. It is said that there was a major design flaw in the USSR's "PROTON" booster (equivalent to the USA Saturn V) Our heavy booster worked, theirs blew up on the pad. Thus, we got men to the moon and the USSR could not. By the time the USSR worked the bugs out of the PROTON, the US had men on the moon. That was considered a "win."

  2. CarolOklaNola

    Because the United states landed Americans on the Moon SIX TIMES between July 1969 and and December 1972., The United States won the Cold War on the battle ground of the Moon SIX times while the hot flip side of the cold war was escalating in Vietnam, laps , Cambodia and Thailand, Cuba and South America and Chinain the 1970s, THAT war is STILL GOING On. China's iIndutrial revolution didn't start until the 1980s and it is STILL GOING ON..
    If you IGNORE history you are condemned to REPEAT THE SAME MISTAKES. EVERY generation has to RELEARN the same lessons and make the SAME mistakes as the previous generations. . history is CYCLICAL, NOT circular.


  3. Sookie

    There was a race to put a man on the Moon. We won the race, simple enough.

  4. PC is BS

    Landing on the moon and bringing them back.. many times.. is just a bit more impressive than having the family pet orbit the earth.

    You won't the orbit race.

    We won the space race.

  5. ksgentleman70

    Hi troll. You really need to stick to your Russian websites, no one believes your BS madeup stories about how US did this and US did that.

  6. Diamond Heart

    that's not true. The first global-civilization that developed space-travel millions of years ago was the

    Land of Pan...and later Lemuria did the same; and the third Golden-Age space-fairing nation was Atlantis.

    These were real places and still are. They relocated to Hollow-Earth.

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