I look like a man. Even make up cant help me look half decent, every picture I see of my self makes me want to slit my own throat. I dont know what to do, im going to try losing some weight but will losing weight change the way my face looks? cos its kind of round. please help me on any advice to look prettier and...

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  1. Douglas

    In my life, I have had to deal with that too, though without the gender mix up as you have.
    the greatest majority of persons truly are just a simple surface person, of which that is how they keep their minds. So with that, all that I could do for myself is to see the deepest of persons rather than just the surface.
    I expect that now, you are tuned into how to see a deeper person than just what is presented, do you?
    You really are on the right trek for this all, so whatever you do, do not stop doing as you say you'll do and do lose that excess weight. I've known many men that are in love with a womans body more than they are in her face. And with that, those men had often said that it was just that, that she wasn't good looking, but it really did open them up to love the person more.
    We all can be overly shallow, so do not be too hard on yourself when you do become shallow, but do address how you judged without knowing, as our human minds are wired to be.
    Take a look at Madeline Albright. after seeing her in the news so much, as she was Secretary of State for the US, I came to see her as one of the most beautiful women for her smarts, not her looks. And she is some 30 years older than myself too.
    People are attracted to the surface, but do you really want someone that will stay at just that, the surface?
    It may not happen that often, but there WILL come a time when someone talks with you to know the YOU rather than just your shallow surface self.
    Then too, we have how so many of us humans are WAY too hard on ourselves. Might you be calling a goat a horse in relation to the size it all is for you? Some women have called me handsome, but I always saw it all as a bad joke, where I did come to realize that I am not all that ugly. Might this be a thing for you as well?
    So DO set that goal of losing weight, but do not stop there. define what you are most passionate about and dive right into it for finding a career to support yourself so that you do not become a person that HAS to be taken care of, right? Along the way, I am confident that you very well may come across someone else that can enjoy life right along side of you.
    I sincerely do hope you find some solace in this and may you take things I say and use them to the best of your ability.
    Success to you, sweet one. Fret not lest one needs fret.

  2. ameen

    No point killing urself over looks. If everyone did that there'd be like 50% suicide deaths. Theres more to life than looks

  3. Rei

    Lose weight, wear heels, some decent make up, and if you have small boobs, don't wear a bra.

  4. Erik

    You poor girl. Just do your best with hair and makeup, start working out and eating healthy, and work on your inner beauty.

  5. Anonymous

    most people are not that good looking-you're not alone

  6. Witching hour666

    Cover your face as much as possible

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