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A group of bwords thats missing a verb or a complete thought is called?

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  1. harwarda

    A group of words that doesn't have a verb carrying tense is a fragment.
    That "complete thought" definition drives me crazy. It doesn't mean anything. Sometimes "wow" is a complete thought. There is no difference in the completeness of thought in the following sentence:
    It's not going to rain. However, I brought my umbrella.
    Although it's not going to rain, I brought my umbrella.

    However, the second one can't be separated into 2 sentences because one clause starts with "although". The books for native speakers say it's not a "complete thought".. But it's the EXACT SAME THOUGHT as in the first sentence, which can be divided into two sentences. It's completely arbitrary, and I wish the language arts books would acknowledge that.

  2. Bela

    a "fragment" or "incomplete sentence"

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