I intend yo incorporate a cration history degree into the Skegness Creation University curriculum in time for next years prospectus.

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  1. yesmar
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    Yes indeed! If General Custard had been just a little more spiritual instead of so militaristic, but alas, He gave in to his many years of military indoctrination at East Point Academy, and gave that fateful order to his men, "Don't fire until you see the whites...", but of course they were all reds, and no one shot.

  2. Anne Arkey

    I'm pretty sure it was the battle of Hasty Pudding. Custard's last drizzle, as it were.

    Added: Sprocket's big stand was the Alma Mater.

    Added2: Hugh, with all the brain farts from inflammatory trolls, you're a breath of fresh air.

  3. Jay

    General Custard suffered from an inflated ego....
    He attacked 12,000 peaceful Indians with 180 men....

    You know the rest...

  4. Literal

    You may be an expert on US History but you certainly don't know French History and can't spell Custer.

  5. Randy the Atheist

    Yes....yes he could've won if he disguised himself as a giant spider named Iktomi and played the role of a famous trickster god known to the Lakota and Cheyenne.

  6. rd68

    Is this the best thing you've got going on?

    Any prospects on the horizon?

  7. Luna

    Doubtful, spirituality affects nothing

  8. DAVID

    Your orthography is slipping, good Professor. May I suggest you swallow a dictionary and then apostrophise?

  9. Ricardo

    You silly, that was the battle of Waterloo.

  10. Uncle Crizzay in da

    All the good "custard" puns are already taken...

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