I want to wear a bikini for this pool party, but at the same time my belly gets really bloated and is chubby. Does that gross guys out?

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  1. Anonymous

    Show a pic, it's probably not as chubby as you think.

  2. Kat

    I, personally, feel that people shouldn't go out in what is, essentially, a bra and underwear. Even if you have the best body, that's too much of you that I'm seeing! (Same goes for guys and speedos.)

  3. Melinna

    wear what you want, its your body. dont let others shatter your perception of yuor body is. you are beautiful no matter what the mirror shows or what the scale says

  4. Silas

    From what I can gather, most guys don't have a crap.

  5. Gabriel

    how can i answer this without a pic, idk.

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