What's a fun and beautiful vacation to go on in Tn with my husband.?

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  1. harwarda

    I agree with east Tennessee, but not Gatlinburg unless you're really into fudge and t-shirt shops. It's very tacky-touristy. There are some beautiful areas in the forests- good rafting in Chattanooga, and some charming towns in the northern part. There's also plenty to do in Nashville, and some spectacular state parks like Fall Creek Falls, where you can rent a cabin.

  2. Mooned Y!A

    Go to the mountains in Gatlinburg. Enjoy hiking in the woods and viewing waterfalls:

    Pigeon Forge is very close by and has a lot of attractions. You could go there for a day or two. Take in Dollywood:

    Zoom in southeast of Knoxville in the mountains to find Gatlinburg:

  3. Mike

    Nashville has some nice whorehouses hubs would enjoy...

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