I am afraid of taking off my shirt when I swim. I feel exposed. Are other boys afraid of taking off their shirt outside of home?

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  1. daisybarrett87

    I can imagine so. I'm not a boy, but I do feel very afraid when wearing a swimsuit. I guess it's not the SAME thing, but it is the equivalent to having on less clothing on in public. If you're self consious about your body at all, then yes, you'd probably be afraid to take off your shirt at the pool. No matter if you're a boy or girl, everyone has insecurities. Yours may be your upper body.

  2. haleb2015

    It's feminism

  3. Kevin

    Well, I am pretty ripped, but I still feel nervous taking off my shirt around others. Nothing to be to worried about.

  4. Ashley

    No I don't think

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