Why live when you have nothing to live for, especially with having a few health issues?

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  1. Zol

    Well killing yourself might upset the people who gave birth to you and the people who brought you up. So that's one reason.

    Killing yourself may not work so you may end up with a broken body and/or a broken brain, so living is a better option than trying not to live. That's another reason.

    While you're alive you can still eat chocolate. If you're wondering about not living then the chance to eat chocolate is a good reason to stay here.

    If you live you get to hear what happens on The Achers. You get to see if mankind gets to colonise Mars. You get too see how long the queen reigns for.

    If you live you have more chances to win the lottery.

    If you have health issues living increases the odds of a cure becoming available some day.

    If you live you keep open the possibility of things getting better for you.

  2. J Gf

    I just came across a comment from a similar question and I'm going to let you read it. It applies to you.

    God loves you. We need only to believe. Reach for him. He's right there.
    Stay strong, I want to leave you with 1 Thessalonians 2 God bless you

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