Did jesus boil his wine?

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  1. Jay

    Boiling wine removes the alcohol and any "germs" ..
    But 2000 years ago the safest thing to drink was wine.
    By fermenting grape juice into alcohol it purified the wine...
    Especially important in cities where water was questionable.

    A carpenters son probably never had wine... Royalty and the elite classes had wine..

  2. ari

    No mention of yes or no however you should note that in those days they did not have sugar crystals so the natural wine could not reach very high alcohol content!
    Today we add sugar to the wine or beer to raise alcohol content but no sugar was added in those days

  3. sunsetpalms4u

    Yes. Jesus was a wine-snob.

  4. john

    No. Nobody drank water neat, though. Adding it to wine was usually safe enough.

  5. greg

    No - Jesus spread his Whine - Liberally . On the mount of olives . to Goat Herders on LSD . Smoking PCP.
    Who later wrote the myth while on LSD and smoking PCP-- still .
    All the time wishing crack had been invented .

  6. Jake

    A person can know many truths by reciting the rosary carefully daily.

  7. Jeff

    no, he never existed.

  8. Rachael

    Idk but is he hot

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