monday i woke up in the morning with a horrible stomach ache and diarreha right before school. all week i have barely been able to eat without feeling sick. it is now friday and i woke up at 5 with a stomach ache and now i cant fall back asleep. any clue as to why this has been happening this week?

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  1. XxShadexX

    It could definitely be stress. In fact, if you stress out too much, it can cause nervous stomach which causes diarrhea. However, you might want to go to the hospital to get a blood test; if you have diarrhea too often, your potassium can drop low. Potassium is extremely important to function daily. Without enough potassium, you will have trouble sleeping; maybe that is why you can't sleep. No, you're not in any danger, but get checked just to make sure you have enough nutrients in your body.

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  3. Kimiya

    It could be stress or you may be getting I'll, perhaps go to the doctor

  4. GTB

    Stress can be a cause; flu can be a cause; we cannot tell from here

  5. Pi

    You're the one who knows what else is going on in your life better than anyone else.

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