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How are women systematically advantaged in America today?

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  1. Common Sense

    My answer will acho Jerry's:
    Women are systematically advanced in America today primarily through the political process of feminist organizations lobbying for an winning policies that advantage women over men. Jerry gave many great examples. I will add a few more:

    *Feminists lobbied for and won the Women's Educational Equity Act and Center which for decades gave feminists the money and authority to influence education to favor girls over boys.

    *Feminists also influenced government to crate a special Council for Women and Girls to represent the female interest in public policy issues, while of course blocking the same for Men and Boys.

    *Feminists were able to win 22 "free" mandatory women-only coverages under Obamacare. There are of course no mandatory male-only free services. Cancer research and treatment is also strongly skewed in favor of women.

    These are systematic advantages. The system is our political and legislative process.
    It's laughable and sad that feminists deny these systematic advantages when they are all matters of law which are easily verified with a simple google search

  2. Anonymous

    In addition to the obvious legal advantages provided to women already mentioned, gynocentrism as promoted by feminism also creates a system of sorts advantaging females. Female criminals for example getting lighter sentences isn't mandated by law, but judges holding femsle criminals to different standards is in fact systematic and has very real impacts on people.

  3. Ya Coffee

    Women are not systematically advantaged in America.

    They are the poorest and the poorest of the poor and much of this is due to poor mothers raising children without the help of the fathers.

    Mothers suffer a loss of 7% of lifetime income with each child they bear - fathers do not suffer such a penalty.

    Females are under represented in the board rooms and politics and in every single powerful decision making entity.

    There are a few bandaid type bits of legislation feminist-haters like to point out are unfair but NONE of these mitigates the basic unfairness in society overall against women and mothers. If the feminist haters were fair, they would realize their protest is really about wanting to stay advantaged and lord it over women as much as possible - it's not for fairness for men but keeping HUGE ADVANTAGES FOR MEN that hurt many women who they don't give a damn about - it's basically selfishness.

  4. .Jerry.

    "How are women systematically advantaged in America today?"

    Systematically, meaning legally as an entire group, women are advantaged in several ways which are denied to men. Some of the more notable ways are:

    -all adult females are still exempt from the Selective Service obligation
    -women are often the recipients of affirmative action which allows them the privilege of not having to compete against equally competent males for job positions
    -The white house has created a special council for women and girls, while the same for boys was blocked
    -The VAWA (violence against women act) has wording specific to women.
    -Title IX legislation as enacted has privileged women in many ways
    -there are grants and federal and state programs for businesses owned by women only, just because they are women
    -there are many taxpayer funded programs available to women only that are denied to men

    There are more, of course. And if we were to move away from he legal vein, and get into the social advantages, then the list would never end.

  5. Nattie

    Women aren't mentally or physically capable of doing what men do. No way to get around that. They will never have an advantage over men no matter what. It's nature.

  6. ?

    Despite the legal equality given to women, in real life there are still women who are more disadvantaged than other women. Some women are unable to get legal help for their situations or take advantage of studying and/or entering male dominated careers. Not everything is equal for all women.

  7. Chris

    The system is rigged that way only when you have more privelages and you have them all your life, you think it is a given and forget they are there. I am pretty sure most of the women who answered this question have lots of privelages, but their oblivious to it because their used to it and don't know it. I am a man and i am not as privelaged as my female counterparts. I can't go on the social media and post my point of view society. I will get into trouble. I cannot make a pepp rally to support my fellow man, the police would arrest me. I had to go to bed at 7pm when i was a kid. How many of you women had to go to bed at 7pm when you were kids? I had to run the full track in PE in school. How many of you women got to walk the track instead?
    People have yelled and were more tough on me when girls are not around. How many of you women were yelled at or people were more hard on you when there were no boys around? People are afraid of me because i am a man most of my life even ignored me

  8. mister-damus

    Feminists are certainly trying to make them advantaged. Too bad they have to bring others down in order to do it.

  9. Anonymous

    No. Actually women are equivalent to men

  10. pearlmar

    They aren't.

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