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Can t decide, I m watching SAO as of now on Hulu and the game looks fun but being a first time game I bet it has its pitfalls, tales of zestiria have had like 15 game titles so I m sure it s very fun but I ve never played any of them.

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  1. Unknown Guy

    The SAO games aren't really great games, they can be fun, but they're pretty short and shallow, they're more like games that belong on portable consoles.

    Tales of Zestiria has actually been called the worst game in the franchise (just because it's the worst in a category, doesn't mean it's bad in general), but that's mostly due to its gameplay being a downgrade from the previous title and false advertising. The Tales series can be played in any direction you want, since most of their games don't connect with each other, so you can play Zestiria without ever playing any other Tales games. Zestiria wouldn't be a bad game to start with though, since it's the worst, you can only go up from there if you actually enjoy the game.

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