I'm going be go hang out with a boy that i like but i have this really big sore flat pimple on my chin that i need gone ASAP!!!! I dont want him to see my acne that i have so will a red potato get rid of it within the next day or two?

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  1. Emel
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    Face masks
    Face masks are your best friend. Look some up, fund some best for you skin. I dont know about red potatoes, but I know raw potatoes get rid of pimples quite well.

  2. Rene

    Get an otc lotion called bevoline. I had cystic acne (the worse type) and acne scarring along my chin. The lotion doesn't clear you up from one day to the next but if you are patient, you will see significant improvements every time you use it. By a month I was only getting a pimple here and there. By six months my acne scarring was completely gone. It's cheaper on Amazon if you have prime. I hope my answer helps:)

  3. Neyra

    probably, try it if you're not allergic

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