Girls, this is a photo from the 1952 Miss Universe pageant. Do those those contestants feel comfy in those bathing suits. Explain?

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  1. Linda S

    I really have no idea how they would have felt in them. They look weird to our modern eyes because the materials they were made of are all so different from modern swimsuit textiles. That was a long time ago before fibers such as lycra, elastane and spandex were discovered and a long time before micro-denier swimsuit textiles were being made so swimsuits did have a rather awkward and thick look about them. None of the girls look uncomfortable or like they are dying of embarrassment. I'm amazed at the different body shapes and sizes -I see everything from a size 2 to a size 14 in that group. And I see several that would be considered "fat" by today's beauty pageant standards. They look quite comfortable with their natural shape.

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