My best friend passed away two months ago I saw him in my dream he talked to me and looked still alive What does this mean?

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  1. Anonymous

    he came to visit to let you know hes still around

  2. .....

    It means that you saw him as spirit, he having returned to the spirit world after his physical incarnation.
    The spirit world is the real world. It is this physical world that is temporary, as we all well know.
    The memory of a person can bring many spirits who may try to copy a person who had passed into the spirit world, and they are known as lying spirits. Those who are not interested in seeking Christ and the world of truthful spirits will have trouble trying to discern truth from false when contacting the spirit world, but those who seek Christ and his world of good spirits in Heaven can pray and ask for the help for those who cross over, so that if there is something that can be done, the person would be given that opportunity by that friend's desire and prayer to raise themselves upward to the good spirit, and to learn from them what is the next step in their own spiritual evolution back to God in Heaven once again.

  3. John

    Means nothing

  4. galaxy

    Sorry for your loss as good friends are hard to replace in life. I've experienced alot of losses myself in the past 15 years and I can say that I've had the same types of dreams. You are processing grief and your emotions need release and so the dream may be giving you comfort by seeing you friend alive and talking. If you believe in life after death then this may help ease your pain while you adjust and help you cope. You will always hold your friends' memory in your heart and your love for him/her will help you carry on until you meet again.

  5. PETER M

    This means his soul is touching your soul and he's making contact with you because he loves you and wants you to know he does. Humans have this ability but few of us know how to use it after we die a physical death as our soul lives forever and we are all products of the souls of those who came before us. Dreams are the gateway to the soul. You are indeed blessed.

  6. Salubrious proclivit

    When we die the body no longer exists, but our soul lives on. He will appear the same to you as he did when living, so you can still recognise him. Otherwise you may think he is an impostor.

    Whether it was a true dream where he really did chat with you, or just a dream in which your memory of him appeared I can't say.

  7. Rick

    I'm sorry for your loss. When the same thing happened to me a few years ago, I'd have dreams just like this. When I woke up, I couldn't believe he was dead because he was so alive in the dreams. It's a part of dealing with someone's passing. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are the stages we go through but we can go back and forth between two of them at times. This is all normal and as time passes, your dreams of him will change and become less 'real.'

  8. Re Vera

    It means you miss him.

  9. Flying Saucers Are R

    He is very much part of you.

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