Im at school but if i shoot up the school can I salvage the body parts? (Kidneys , brain, lungs etc)

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  1. Edward
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    Legally, morally or ethically no.

    Theoretically yes. Assuming that:

    1) You managed to shoot all the people without hitting any of the organs you wanted to harvest, while simultaneously killing them. Your best bet would be to aim for the major arteries in the upper arm or thighs.
    2) You had a team of organ harvesting doctors on standby with suitable refrigerated storage and transport facilities.
    3) You were able to complete this before police, ambulance, military etc. arrived.
    4) You had access to a network of organ recipients who both matched the organs you'd recovered and weren't too fussy about where or how they were obtained.

  2. Indeed

    You'd have to be a pretty good shot to miss the vital organs.

  3. Obvious Lee

    If this isn't a troll then I hope yahoo is able to trace your IP address.

  4. Lola

    Umm maybe don't think about this kind of things...

  5. jerk


  6. Adriana

    What the hell..

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