Seems as though he doesn't want Scottish teams in the Champions League.

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  1. drjimbillybob
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    Should have been tossed out a long time ago

  2. Mindflux

    if whats in the papers is true im amazed he has such power....all the other suits wanted the dutch guy but here we have 1 man in regan being able to over rule all their united opinion and vote for his own personal choice

    what was the point of lawell and doncaster lobbying support all over europe only for our sfa head to vote for a guy who sides with the elitists who want to close our route to the CL

    can see why celtic might be holding onto all that cash now....25mill windfalls could become a thing of the past

  3. David

    Stuart Ferguson would be better as the Chief Executive of the Scottish Football

  4. Tatty

    As Jim says, that time should have happened long ago.

  5. T

    Maybe he's one of the promoters of the North Atlantic league

  6. Dave

    Amazed he is still clinging on.
    Hes a sleekit hoor who should never be trusted.

  7. Anonymous

    shoo tim

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