I went to a private Catholic school during my elementary years, and we learned nothing there when it comes to math. When it came to middle school and high school we mostly used calculators on anything. But if you ask me to do a very large number x another large number then we have problems. It runs down to this....

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  1. Tristan

    When you go to college they will have you take a test. If you do poorly in math they will put you in a remedial math program. Your first two years will be core classes. Which will just be like high school stuff. But A LOT harder. During the math times you will go to remedial. And I think you will be provided with a tutor to help. After the first two years you should be fine. After college you wont ever use what you learned again. As the computer will do it for you (depending on what you go to college for). I am going for Engineering and I am crap at Algebra. Like I am REALLY bad. Aerospace Engineering too. But I am also going into ROTC. Don't want to bore you with my future. But hope this helps.

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