So our fathers carried us before our mothers

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  1. Naguru

    Please do not over think. Without that we can continue to live if you are really conscious.

  2. Ian

    Technically speaking I was in your Momma last week

  3. Anonymous

    No. Technically speaking, you're an idiot.

  4. CogitoErgoCogitoSum

    We're in both, actually, simultaneously.

    But we are in our mothers first, still, because the eggs are made long before the sperm are.

  5. Happy Hiram

    Eggs are carried for life, sperm is replaced every two weeks. Do the math.

  6. Gert

    NO. We've answered this a hundred times. Stop posting this.

  7. 7Flightsup

    We're not bodies but souls, and it takes both sexes to make a baby.

  8. Alicia

    You do realize that no one is falling for your half-ar$ed attempts to make them see your obviously wrong point of view don'tcha?

    If you're trying to preach a movement, you're doing a craptastic job of it. Until someone said something, I thought you were just a troll, lacking the imagination needed to ask more than just one question.

    From the user Smeghead in one of the other versions of the same question...

    "Once again, guys, this question is the work of a small but stupidly dedicated cadre of so-called "Men's Rights Advocates" that are here trying to preach their massively idiotic bullshit agenda, claiming that women don't matter and ignoring literally everything that has been learned about biology for the last few centuries. This is just plain sexism and misogyny. As always, the question is asked anonymously, and exactly one account will post in agreement, get (rightly) downvoted to oblivion, and then magically be selected as Best Answer. It's just beyond pathetic, especially given how transparent they are while thinking they're being clever."

    And to the OP of the question, I'm sorry. But you're just going to have to accept the fact that your basic premise is flat-out wrong.

    Until your daddy busted a nut into your mother's didn't exist.

    You were neither in your mother nor your father. They each carried half of the genetic materials needed to create you.

    So when the two halves of the DNA are combined to create "you", this happened *in your mother*. So your mother carried you before your father ever did. She carried you from the moment that sperm met egg and it implanted into your mother's uterus. It would be roughly 9 months from that moment before your father got the chance to hold you.

    And even if we want to compare who held each half the longest, Mumsy for the win.

    Male sperm is only viable for at most 70-75 days. That's assuming that in that time he never ejaculated. And even then, sperm potency drops the older it gets. So the sperm that are close to that 70-day mark are going to be out-competed by the younger, fresher sperm.

    Females develop several million egg cells when they develop the ovaries while still in the womb. When they're born this number drops down to a few tens of thousands. When they're hitting puberty, only 400-500 will ever be released.

    So again the mother carried her half of the DNA that makes a person since before *she* was born. Your father carried his half of the DNA for 70 some odd days. Less if he tugged it to some porn before hand.

    Give it up, you can think all you like that women are not important to the process...but basic biology proves you wrong. Suck it up Buttercup. Get over it and grow the @#$% up.

  9. Sir Caustic

    Here we go again...............

  10. Delete, Rewind.X

    No. 50% of your genes come from your Father and 50% from your Mother.

    Your Mother has all the ova she will ever produce buy the time she reaches puberty. The sperm which created you is less than 2 weeks old.

    So if anything, part of you was in your Mother before it was ever in your Father.

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