Why does Saudi Arabia chop your hands off wen u steel?

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  1. old man on the hill

    without hands it is much harder to steal

  2. harwarda

    The old rule was to cut off the right hand. That was the hand people ate with- you could never dip into the communal dish with your left hand, because that's the hand you would clean yourself with. So cutting off the right hand was really a death sentence. That's not true anymore, of course. People eat with forks and knives there now.

  3. Mintee

    actually its not done or if so, extremely rare these days..
    the law is still in place, mainly as a deterent..
    if you "choose" to do a crime, you have to pay the time, or the penalty..
    if you dont want your hand cut off, "then dont steal".. a 2yr old can reason that logic..
    anyone that sympothises with the criminal is demented in their mind..

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