a pickle jar! That's presidential material right there!

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  1. joseph

    You are wrong. The jar was already opened. There was no "pop" of an opening jar. The way Kimmel brought the jar up showed that he knew the jar was already open because he was very careful to keep the jar vertical.

    Her hand motion did not match that of someone opening a jar.

    And she kept the jar flat against the desk. The mechanics of being in the sitting position in a chair, reaching across a desk, keeping the jar flat to the desk, and turning to the side all minimize her mechanical leverage. No one would do that if the lid were tightly sealed.

    Try opening a jar from different positions. And you will definitely notice differences in mechanical advantage and leverage.

    The jar was already open. And both Kimmel and Hillary had practiced their act before hand.

    Hillary lied again. Right in front of your face. And you believed it.

    If she had actually opened the jar then she would have shittt her Depend diaper from the strain. Kimmel would not have been able to stand the smell.

    As far as Hillary having a vagina, I say prove it. I don't believe anything that lying beatch says.

  2. Wizard Fro

    Yes but can she open a pickle jar with her vagina?

    (Hillary can take a long walk off a short pier or, better yet, fly to Saudi Arabia and walk around in a cut off shirt and Daisy Dukes and just wait for Muslim nature to take it's course.)

  3. Anonymous

    The pickle is Harambe. The removal of the lid symbolizes the child falling into the enclosure. Trump is the foolish child, and the lid is the glue that held mankind together. Clinton ducks her head, symbolizing Harambe's death when the shot was done. Hillary killed Harambe in a nefarious plot to bring civilization to a halt. Trump and Hillary are working together to end humanity as we know it. Harambe was just one in a series of attacks. This is just the beginning. But Harambe is the only one who can save us.

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  5. Anonymous

    I've been supporting Trump all along, but by cracky, those are some convincing arguments! Sir, you have turned me around! Hillary 2016!!

  6. Big One  0909

    I have been the CEO of Five Companies! That makes me qualified to run yours!

    Never Mind that all Five of the companies I ran went out of business while I ran them, I am still the most qualified person to apply for your opening.

  7. Anthony


  8. Anonymous

    The pickle jar was already loosened

  9. Anonymous

    you're part of what's not great about America

  10. Cantankerous

    She will win because this is the best the right wing has against her.

  11. smU55EXxhIA

    Beautiful pictures it reflex an amazing day filled with shared love and laro.ter…h!Cgnguats again Jer and Steph..! And still feel sad we couldn’t be there..!

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