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Which is tackier? Prince Charles' new condo complex in Poundbury, or, his Chanel Cs cufflinks?

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  1. Anonymous

    Poundbury is just a little vanity project for prince Charles to do to occupy himself in between his lobbying and secret vetoing in the government laws. He is doing this because he thinks people will remember him for and ge expects the buildings to last a while since the duchy own it which is controlled by prince Charles, William and George? It's basically a cash cow for the duchy of Cornwall because all this development is just to make more money and not pay correct tax on the duchy.

    I think I saw Amelia Windsor wearing Gucci or some fashion label where she did work experience at and it just looked extremely frumpy on her even though it would be expensive to buy. Chanel is a good fashion label but once the Windsors or the Royal cousins of Europe start wearing it then it just looks frumpy. Even though they have stylists and hairdressers they lack the wow factor to carry it off possibly due to generations of inbreeding

  2. Angelic Upstart

    id say it was his Gucci man bag, now that's tacky. He might think he's an architect, but what about the pavements?, or the lack of them to be precise.

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