Christians what is the best evidence you have that your God, and not another God, exists?

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  1. Jonathn

    I am a Christian who has no evidence of God. I am not St Peter, St John nor any of those people who lived to see the evidence. I merely rely on the views of the theology scholars who are mostly convinced that the gospels are truthful testimonies.

  2. witness of jesus

    best evidence is not just one thing, definitely there is the bible ! but my own person revelation of jesus is MY best evidence. I can now say I have seen 1 visitation of an angelic personage, 3 visions of Jesus, one of which was a pure OBE, and the other 2 I saw what looked like heaven. but I had 2 follow spiritual experience where it seems the voice of the lord spoke to me, while I was sleeping by the rail road tracks in the middle of December out side.
    but what most people Reject as evidence, by various reasons, is the book of Mormon, it is claimed to have literally been preserved in a stone box, being true archeological findings of native Americans that have genetic and DNA links to the middle east, its called the Book of Mormon.
    the book of Mormon refutes all Islamic doctrines that say Jesus did not die on the cross it testifies of Jesus as appearing as a resurrected man with the gloy of angels appearing at the temple unto at least 2000 people.
    I know Jesus is real, and I know specific parts of the LDS church is true. not by men but by revelation. so, I tend to get frustrated even when the best of beleivers calling themselves "Christian" don't even consider the book of Mormon to be true.
    and in this church there are living prophets and apostles after the order of the Holy melchezidek priesthood.

  3. Honestly

    Personal revelation, the same process where we come to know with complete certainty that God is real. However, today, Satan has convinced most people that revelation and gifts of the spirit have been done away with.

    As one who has experienced it, let me tell you my thoughts on it.

    We are all born with the ability to discern truth from error. We call this our conscience, but it is actually the light of Christ "which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." John 1:9

    The holy Ghost is a personage of spirit that leads us to all that is good. Everything that is good comes from God. The Holy Ghost works through the medium of our conscience. It is a spirit to spirit communication.

    As we strive to do that which is right, our conscience becomes more sensitive. When we choose the right, we are actually walking by the spirit of Christ. As we continue in this faithfullness, the Holy Ghost will speak to us through the still small voice of our sensitive conscience from time to time. It will tell us what is good. Whatever is good is right and true and emanates from God. Thus, we know when we are on the right track when we know that the direction we are pursuing is good and right and true. Goodness produces a profound sense of peace.

    Spiritual communications are powerful and remove all doubt. I cannot prove religion to you. You must seek it for yourself.

  4. montez a

    I myself studied the historical and medical perspectives. What strongly convinced me though was prophecy. The book of Daniel foretells the rise and fall of many world powers. One of them even refers directly to events that happened to Alexander the Great.

    Daniel 8:8, 21-22
    The male goat acted even more arrogantly. But no sooner had the large horn become strong than it was broken, and there arose four conspicuous horns in its place, extending toward the four winds of the sky. The male goat is the king of Greece, and the large horn between its eyes is the first king. 22 The horn that was broken and in whose place there arose four others stands for four kingdoms that will arise from his nation, though they will not have his strength.

    This happened to Alexander the Great, the 1st king of Greece. Even today with the level of medical technology, vaccines, disease, medical drugs, and treatment, food growth and transportation we have today the bible prophecy regarding widespread disease is still happening.

  5. jimmy

    There is absolutely no concrete evidence that any Gods exist.

  6. star

    i was raised a buddhist.
    it became clear to me at an early age that this religion is just not for me cos of unanswered prayers.
    i felt ... literally ... that my prayers were hitting the walls of my room.

    then i was invited to a church ...
    the word ... evidence ... was not on my mind. Instead, i was searching for God and i know there must be a religion representing Him amidst all the religions on earth.
    i looked up to heaven and i said to God ... i know You exist but w religion is yours ?
    then years later, i got invited to a church. My life changed ... for the best.

  7. Tao

    Everything exists. The multi-verse is a simulation wherein all probabilities are computed. Its not fact, its probability theory.

  8. Jeff

    They have ZERO evidence for their god creature(s). So, if any of those cultist cowards come here suggesting anything else, they are goddam liars.


  9. Fred

    According to some God is in their hearts. So God is like a parasitic worm I guess? ;)

  10. Jest

    Simple. If your god is a statue it isn't alive. Non existing, basically. God is known by his creation and his creation is we. ????

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