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Buddy Ryan achieved the rank of Master Sergeant in less than 3 years during the Korean war from age 17-20 in the national guard. I call BS.?

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  1. MAD MAX

    I know of one occasion that happened and I didn't know the man I read about him. Major Richard J. Meadows a legend in the SF community. He dropped out of school at 15 enlisted in the Army fought in Korea and was a Master Sergeant by 20.

  2. Brian

    Audie Murphy went from a Private to a Lieutenant leading a company before he was 20 years old in WW2.

    Promotions did not work the same back then as they do now. It was not uncommon for you to get meritorious promotions all the way up the chain. Especially in a high casualty unit.

  3. jeeper_peeper321

    I wouldn't

    it happened more than you realize

    I now of a army SF Ssgt e-6 that was promoted all the way to LT Col during one tour in vietnam, after the tour he was moved back to e-7 -- this story has been verified

  4. Ninefinger

    You can call BS all you'd like. It is true.

  5. Anonymous

    the guy has to be 83 by now . he served , good for him . why hassle the guy ?

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