Why do people keep saying blacks commit more crimes than Hispanics when all I see is Mexican Mafia/Sureno drug gangs in Southern California?

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  1. Anonymous

    While it's true that Hispanic crime might be higher in your area, that does not hold true for the American generalization. If you zoom in far enough, you could end up in a neighborhood with one white criminal. That doesn't lead the statement that 100% of crimes are by white people to hold true for the country.

    Unfortunately black criminal rates are statistically higher. This may be because of centuries of oppression, populations are still struggling to gain widespread wealth, or it may be because of many unseen factors.

  2. Okay!

    Its more of a memory to when black gangs terrorized the streets doing drive by shootings several times a day in LA over nonsense. These days its not nearly as bad as it was, but they're still around and we still remember. Thats life sometimes people only want to label you by stuff you did in your past eventhough youve changed.

  3. Foofa

    SoCal has different demographics than most of the rest of the country. Of course in a Latino majority region Latinos will commit most of the crimes. This has to do with sheer numbers, not some inherent criminality on the part of Latinos.

  4. StephenWeinstein

    Because they are speaking about the whole country, not Southern California specifically. (Southern California is closer to Mexico than the rest of the country, and has a very different racial mix than former slave states do.)

  5. dan

    Black man angry. Black man riot against Mexican

  6. Masud

    Wow, I also looking answer for this question :(.

  7. Anonymous

    Who are these "people" you refer to?

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